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Secretariat Openings

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GMTD Secretariat openings.


In 2018 we will have four vacancies on the Secretariat. Those are for the Treasurer,
Database/Records, Worship Director, and Leaders Couple.

The qualifications for a member of the Secretariat are as follows:

QUALIFICATIONS: All Secretariat members must hold the following qualifications:

A) Maintain a lifestyle in keeping with Biblical leadership,

B) Demonstrate a record of support of the Tres Dias movement,

C) Have worked at least three (3) team, in there (3) different areas of service,

D) Possess the skills required by the Secretariat position job description.

E) Relatives are not allowed to serve on the Secretariat in different positions at the same time, except for the Leaders.

Additionally, the Secretariat should be fairly represented by:

A) At least three (3) churches (unless no qualified candidate is available of the vacant position).

B) At least one (1) single adult (unless no qualified candidate is available for the vacant position),

C) No individual church should be represented by more than 50 percent of the members of the Secretariat.

Job Descriptions for each open position can be found on the next page.


Maintain the financial books and records of Georgia Mountain Tres Dias (GMTD). This includes: maintaining the

QuickBooks accounting files used to record revenue and expenses of GMTD, disburse funds authorized by the

Secretariat through the approved budget; receive funds from weekend’s Asst. Head for team weekend fees; receive

funds from Pre-weekend Couple for candidate’s weekend fees; meet with Asst. Head to discuss financial flow for the

weekend and his/her responsibility related to collecting funds; deposit collected funds into GMTD bank account;

complete monthly reconciliation of GMTD bank account with QuickBooks account; present monthly financial

package to Secretariat; maintain GMTD annual registration with the Georgia Secretary of State; file all income tax

returns required for GMTD (990). Participate in the overall guidance and planning of the Tres Dias activities.


Responsible for receiving and recording all information pertaining to attendance or service on a GMTD weekend as

well as all updates that are received through the GMTD website. This would include the training of the

Communications cha and to assist in the training of the assistant head cha pertaining to accurate recording of

attendance and use of spreadsheet. This training would occur during the heads and professors team training prior to

the weekend. Maintain the computers for the communication chas. Provide the sign in credentials to the other

members of the Secretariat for the OneDrive when passwords are changed. Print hard copies of the service records,

positions needed, script, time line, and material as needed for the leaders couple to provide to the upcoming rectors.

Participate in overall guidance and planning of Tres Dias activities.

Worship Director:

The Worship Director is responsible for assisting each Rector in selection of the worship leader for each GMTD

weekend and training each worship leader on their assignments for the weekend. The Worship Director shall

encourage each worship leader to model and lead heartfelt worship in an invitational style that draws people in,

encourages participation, and points people to Jesus. The Worship Director shall also assist the Rector in selection of

the serenade leader for Saturday evening and train them on their assignments for the serenade. It is the Worship

Director’s responsibility to maintain a database of qualified worship leaders to serve in this capacity, it is also their

responsibility to see out and recruit new qualified worship leaders to add to the database. The Worship Director shall

work with the Webmaster to ensure that all music utilized on each weekend complies with the GMTD CCLI


Leaders Couple:

There will be two couples serving in the Leaders position, with each couple having one vote. It is noted that one

leader’s couple may actually be two individuals, not married to each other, in this instance each individual would

have one vote. They will share the position and alternate responsibilities each weekend. The Leaders Couple will be

the mentor to each rector and facilitate the training of the rector and the team leadership. The Leaders Couple’s

duties include the following: Meet with each new rector during orientation with the Chairman and Head Spiritual

Director and help schedule training dates for the team. Train the rector on Policy, Procedures, Essentials, Team

Selection and Team formation by providing training materials in these areas. Work with the rector in approving each

team member selected and assist the rector in documenting their choices in an organized digital spreadsheet. This

spreadsheet will be presented to Secretariat Leadership (Chairman and Head Spiritual Director) for approval. Train

the Heads (Head Cha, Asst. Head Cha, BUR, Head Kitchen and Asst. Head Kitchen). Trian the Professors and Area

Heads. Attend the second team meeting and provide instructions and encouragement to the team. Regularly update

the Secretariat on the rector’s and team’s progress. Meet with the rector after their weekend to be debriefed

concerning any issues or questions that may have occurred on the weekend in an effort to improved the process for

future weekends. All training will be facilitated by the Leaders Couple and digital copies of the training material will

be emailed to each individual unless they are not computer literate and in that case a paper copy will be provided.

Participate in the overall guidance and planning of the Tres Dias activities.

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