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Habana Tres Dias needs your help

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We are needing USA team members for Habana Tres Dias to commit the next month or two for weekends happening the end of February and beginning of March.  We thank you for asking your community for participation and for funds even if they can’t participate.

The Cubans hold their “weekends” from Wednesday evening for sendoff to Saturday night for closing.

o   Men Travel Feb 26 – March 4or5, 2018 Men’s Weekend Feb 28 to March 3, 2018.

o   Women Travel Mar 5 – Mar 11or12, 2018 Women’s Weekend March 7 to March 10, 2018.

o   We will use the MondayWednesday before the start of the TD to fly, unpack, plan and prepare for HTD #14 with the Cuban team members.  Tuesday may be used for sightseeing and praying over the city. Sunday morning and evenings we like to go to different churches that support Tres Dias with their members.  You may be asked to say something from the USA, in English or Spanish, or possibly pray.

     The cost of the weekend team fee has been set at $1,250.00 (Only $1000 is sent to us).  This amount includes airfare and travel expenses, visa fees, accommodations for the week and all meals during the actual TD weekend for both American and all the Cuban candidates and team.

For further information please contact Jerald and Majesty Brown at

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