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GMTD 2017 Secretariat Position Openings

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Leaders Couple: September 2017 – August 2020

A married couple who have both previously served as a Rector on an adult weekend.

There will be two couples serving in the Leaders
position, with each couple have one vote. They will share the position equally with one couple
doing the training for the first and third weekends and the other couple doing the training for the
second and fourth weekends. Responsible for obtaining records of the Tres Dias human
resources for the purpose of assisting Rectors in team selection and formation. Develop
Pescadores to serve in various team positions. Provide Secretariat with the names of qualified
Rector candidates. Provide Rectors with qualified names for potential team members according to
guidelines in the policies and practices of Georgia Mountains Tres Dias, Inc. Consult with
Rectors during Pre-weekend phase in matters involving team formation and community. Along
with the Secretariat Spiritual Director and the Chairman, conduct a debriefing of the Weekend
with Rector, Head Cha and Head Kitchen to identify and document problem, solutions and
miracles. The Men’s and Women’s Leaders will report to the Secretariat a summary of debriefing
and any recommendations for the future. Develop an approach and method for team selection that
will form and train Pescadores to be able to serve in a variety of areas. Participate in overall
guidance and planning of Tres Dias activities.

4th Day Couple: January 2018 – December 2020

One person, married or single. Prepare Weekend candidate packet, including final candidates and team list,
picture, sponsor responsibilities, application, Tres Dias introductory brochure and other items.
Schedule a professional photographer within the community to take the picture. Schedule
Secuelas on a regular basis according to the policies and practices of Georgia Mountains Tres
Dias, Inc. Foster and encourage Pescadores in the formation of Reunion Groups to assist in
sustaining the Weekend experience of a life in Christ in their Fourth Day. Evaluate current
policies and practices and make recommendations to the Secretariat for improvements in the area
of Secuelas, Reunion Groups and other Fourth Day activities. Participate in overall guidance and
planning of the Tres Dias activities.


All Secretariat members must have the following qualifications:

  • Maintain a lifestyle commensurate with Biblical leadership.
  • Demonstrate a record of support of the Tres Dias movement.
  • Have served at least three teams.
  • Possess the skills required by Secretariat job descriptions.

If you or someone you know is willing to be considered, please contact any member of the Secretariat prior to May 3, 2013 for the Chairman position and prior to June 14, 2013 for the Palanca or Webmaster positions. All Secretariat positions are filled by nomination from the GMTD community and then election by the sitting GMTD Secretariat board.

For additional information on these openings and the requirements of those who will fill the position(s), please refer to the GMTD Constitution and Bylaws at the following link:

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