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Announcements & Reminders

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GMTD SECRETARIAT typically meets the first Friday evening of the month.  GMTD Applications may be downloaded here.

GMTD weekend fees are $110.

PALANCA GUIDELINES – (Please be advised that burning CDs of copyrighted music is a violation of copyright laws, and burned CD’s of copyrighted music cannot be accepted as palanca.)

Table Palanca – 6 tables, minimum of 65 individual items.

Bed Palanca – 45 for candidates, 80 for team. Team members may receive individual bed palanca. Palanca for specific candidates will be placed in their Sunday bags.

Kitchen Palanca – 125 place settings.

Oven Palanca – Please drop off at the Palanca room, not the kitchen.

Palanca Letters – Write the candidate’s name on the letter and in the left upper corner write who the letter is from: sponsor, husband, wife, friend, etc. Letters from family and friends need to be at the camp no later than Saturday night. The earlier the better.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE PESCADORE’S PROGRESS at To receive your Pescadore’s Progress in the U.S. mail, please send your name and address to:

GMTD Newsletter
241 Arbor Hills Rd N.
Talking Rock, GA 30175

SPONSORS –Please remember to stay with your candidate until they have been completely checked in during their weekend and all information and fees have been provided.

UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO! If your address, phone number or e-mail has changed, please notify GMTD Database Mgr., Anthony Franklin, at:, or 706-968-8739. The database is confidential and for GMTD use only to contact sponsors, team members, rector nominees, secretariat nominees, and for general GMTD purposes.

Bless a teenager— sponsor them to Vida Nueva! “Vida Nueva” means “new life” in Spanish. Georgia Mountains Vida Nueva is for teens age 15-20. For GMVN applications, contact Weekend Couple, Shane & Joanna Cauller 3862 Chase Dr, Gainesville, GA 30507,

REMINDERS FROM THE SECRETARIAT: Weekend rosters are for Tres Dias use only, they are confidential and are not to be used for solicitations. The Secretariat would also like to remind you that it is inappropriate to bring children to send-off, closing, serenade or secuelas. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these Tres Dias requirements.

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